Au revoir, Paris: The 5 big questions to ask yourself before changing cities.

Marie, 42 years old, Switch Up ambassadorambassador, tells us why she and her husband, well established professionally, made the choice to leave Paris with their three children. And why the choice of destination was not so simple, not to mention certain prejudices coming from the people around them... She will tell us about her experience and the different questions to ask before moving to another city.

The main questions to ask yourself before moving to another city

I have beenlivingin Paris for about fifteen years and it was clear that our life was no longer satisfying us. 

Our flat had become too small for our growing family, and we no longer wanted to endure the traffic jams, the aggressiveness, the stress, the pollution... the difficulty of getting out of Paris, even if only for a day or a weekend.

As much as we loved our city, it became urgent to move to improve our quality of life and regain our family balance.

Our criteria for making this change

The most important thing is that we needed space in our home: a bedroom for each child and an office for us parents (who are independent and therefore often work from home). We also wanted a less urban area, and a garden, why not? Having the possibility of going away for the weekend easily is a real plus. A healthy environment for the children, shops and schools nearby so that we don't have to use the car every time we travel, were also important criteria.

Also to fit in with our professional lives, the accommodation had to be within reasonable distance of Paris. After all, we would still have regular obligations there. With these criteria, obviously the perfect solution did not exist.

In accepting the compromises, 2 main options seemed to emerge...


Moving away from the centre of Paris but staying in the Paris region This was a way to gain in quality of life. But, while not changing too much our habits of Parisian life to which we were attached (professional environment, cultural outings, friends...)


Moving to the provinces It was a fresh start, with a better chance of meeting all our criteria. In addition, we were certain of gaining more space for a smaller budget. The only constraint was that we had to stay within reasonable distance of Paris...

The province often came up in our discussions. But, apart from the radical change of life, we were also sensitive to the critical view of our social circle and friends on this choice. For many people, leaving Paris meant leaving to bury themselves. "You're crazy, leaving Paris, but what's the big idea?", "And what are you going to do about the job?

We therefore had to overcome these preconceived ideas, which are nevertheless very present in the collective unconscious (or conscious?) of Paris. The exchange between us, weighing the pros and cons, was a very important step. Making lists, naming our deepest desires while remaining objective about the consequences, especially professional ones.

Before changing your life, the 5 big questions to ask yourself:

  1. Is my desire an escape or a life project?
  2. Identify my needs! What kind of lifestyle do I want to have?
  3. What are the limits to life change?
  4. Does my partner have the same desires as me? What do the children think?
  5. Am I ready to live away from my loved ones?

In the end, the balance tipped in favour of the province. In the end, we listened to ourselves: we wanted to make a real change and and give a new impetus to our lives ! After reflection, Rennes came out on top in our choice, notably for its optimal geographical location: 1 hour and 25 minutes from Paris thanks to the LGV and "only" 50 minutes from the sea!

Why choose Rennes?


Pleasant city, young, relaxed atmosphere.


Optimal geographical position.


The labour market is dynamic.

A few months later, it was on!

Today, we are very well settled in Rennes, integrated, and do not regret our choice at all, thanks to a new family and professional balance. We are proud to have had the courage to change our habits to meet our desires and essential needs.  

Long live mobility!

You can read Marie's testimony and the main questions to ask yourself when moving to another city. Are you moving for professional reasons? Would you like to be helped in your move and welcomed in your new home? Call on our ambassadors! They can help you discover the city. But also to find the house of your dreams, to carry out your administrativeprocedures... For more information, contact us or find us on

This article was written by Marie J., who is at your service to assist you in your move to Rennes.