The 1st suite of digital solutions to attract,
integrate and retain newcomers to a territory.

With a technological, human and local dimension, benefit from a tailor-made quality service,
for a unique geographical onboarding experience.


Efficient, tailor-made and secure.
About us

Switch up is a trusted community platform that offers unique welcome services throughout France. It is committed to supporting newcomers to a territory. Its ambassadors are assigned to facilitate their installation thanks to personalised support ranging from finding accommodation to managing administrative procedures, including the integration of family members (schooling and job search for the applicant's spouse).

Switch up has created a panel of digital tools to facilitate the management of management of HR departments of companies regarding the onboarding of an employee following his or transfer of an employee.

How does it work?


I anticipate my mobility

Whether for professional or personal reasons, I request access to the platform. My company can also do this for me via the contact form.Β 



I choose my ambassador

After describing my needs (help with finding accommodation, administrative procedures, etc.), I choose the ambassador who is right for me to accompany me.


I'm settling in peacefully

Thanks to the platform, I have found local help to carry out my procedures, so I can unpack my boxes and start my new life.


I fit in easily

Switch up facilitates my integration in the territory and I am getting used to my new company. My employer is delighted and so am I!

In a few figures,

Switch Up is :

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