Support for geographical mobility

90% of the recruiters questioned (in a study carried out among recruitment agencies) are not aware of mobility aids. However, there are severalthat, for a small effort/cost on your part, will enable you to build a real link with your clients to support them on the subject of employer branding and to build with them a link between the candidate path and the employee experience in the Onboarding period. 

1. How to help mobile applicants?

There are bonuses paid directly to the future employee when it comes to financing a move, whether through the CAF, Pôle emploi or Action Logement. Some bonuses finance family removals, others reward a change of accommodation close to the workplace and others support the recruitment interview phase by financing professional services.

♦ For those seeking accommodation.

Moving to a new life is often frightening, especially when you don't know the area or the price per square metre. Everyone wants to be in the right neighbourhood, not too far from everything and with good access. To achieve this, it is essential to get in touch with local ambassadors.

You can request the help of our local experts to accompany your candidates in their search for accommodation. From the design of the specifications to the start of the accommodation, the service can be financed by Action Logement. A great way to start a good relationship, add a concrete element to your employee experience and improve your Employer Brand at no cost.

♦ For the one coming from abroad.

In addition to a total lack of knowledge of French culture, the language barrier often adds to the difficulties of settling in. And if one imagines that the candidate is not alone in this project, this complicates things further. 

Offer your candidates support solutions at the best price on multiple services (from housing to administrative matters, including the integration of the family on a social and professional/school level). Our platform allows you to apply for aid that may exist on this point at European level (via EURES): language courses or administrative procedures, there is specific aid at European level.

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Do you want to support your employees in their mobility?

Survey of 50 recruitment agencies conducted in August/September 2020:

2. Why set up coaching for its candidates?

The main reason is that it greatly improves their candidate experience, followed by the fact that it makes it easier for you to hunt for candidates further afield, outside the company's employment area. Finally, it allows you to provide additional services to the companies that use your firm's services.

As far as the candidate experience is concerned, accompanying your candidates literally "to the end" of the process by allowing them to be accompanied in their search for accommodation can only strengthen it and make your firm an expert in recruitment, the candidate experience and the on-boarding process.

♦ How can this be done in practice?

Before becoming a Switch Up partner, we suggest you test our solutions.

Switch Up offers you a test phase in order to try the solution for free. It also offers you the benefit of its expertise in assessing the mobility of your candidates through simple and effective methods.

Finally, the Switch Up solution allows you to monitor your candidates on a daily basis from the moment they are installed, so that you can keep in step with your clients and reassure them that their employees are being properly looked after.

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Do you want to support your employees in their mobility?

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