Moving to the Centre Val de Loire: a land of art and history

Moving to the Centre Val de Loire means taking advantage of the magnificent châteaux of the Loire and a great heritage of art and history. Characterised by its gentle way of life and its dynamic employment area, the Centre Val de Loire region will undoubtedly seduce you! 

Why the Centre Val de Loire?

Based on a compilation from public dataand supplemented by feedback from newcomers supported by the platform, the "Bien-vivre" tool offers numerical data on 11 criteria. According to the Bien-Vivre tooltool, the Centre Val de Loire region has a number of assets that attract more and more mobile people. Living in this region allows people to reconcile their professional and personal lives while enjoying a pleasant living environment and a more serene life.

Ideally located 1 hour south of Paris, the Centre Val de Loire region combines quality of life and a dynamic economic area. The region owes its reputation to the quality of its land and its rich cultural heritage. Its varied and preserved landscapes as well as the richness of its history contribute to the attractiveness of the region, particularly in terms of tourism.

The labour market, employment and income

In the Centre-Val de Loire, there are three employment areas: in the north of the region, the labour market is driven by trade with the Paris basin. The Loire axis, with Orléans and Tours, is the most dynamic area in the region. Finally, the last employment area is located in Berry.

The region attracts international companies, in particular thanks to its location as a crossroads in the region and its proximity to the capital. The leaders in IT and logistics offer many jobs to be filled each year. Orléans is also the leading pharmaceutical centre in France. The Centre Val de Loire is also the 1stThe Centre Val de Loire is also France's and Europe's leading cereal-growing region.

Quality of life

The environment

What would the region be without telling you aboutits many châteaux and vineyards? Its environment, in the heart of the land, allows you to spend a weekend visiting its famous châteaux, cycling along the paths of the Loire. The cradle of the Kingdom of France, the Centre-Val de Loire is home to some of the most prestigious châteaux in France: Chambord, the château of François I, Chenonceau, Chantilly, Villandry and its gardens, the Clos Lucé, where Leonardo da Vinci lived...

The Centre Val de Loire is also the 3rd largest wine-producing region in France, and the 1st for white wines (Chinon, Touraine...) Historically, the departments of the Centre-Val de Loire were formed from three historical provinces: Orléanais (Loiret, Eure-et-Loir, Loir-et-Cher); Berry (Cher and Indre) and Touraine (Indre-et-Loire). Its historical and cultural heritage welcomes an average of 9 million tourists every year. The medium-sized towns and local centres play a major role in the balance of the region and preserve this quality environment.

The Loire Valley has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. Along the Loire, you will find a variety of landscapes, as well as a rich biodiversity throughout the area, which is shared with the Pays de la Loire region.

Education and health

In terms of education, student life is lively. The Universities of Orléans and Tours have the most students. 

The region is also ideal for families: there are many dedicated infrastructures, such as more than 300 crèches and childcare centres, and many secondary schools. The health sector is also very well established, with major hospitals and a good density of general practitioners. It has also invested in multidisciplinary health centres and health centres. and in Health Centres.

The community

The region is festive throughout the year. Concerts, shows and festivals are organised all year round. The most famous of these is the Printemps de Bourges, an annual musical event. The international music festival of Sully sur Loire and Orléans Jazz keep the inhabitants of the region dancing. Orléans also has a Zénith which hosts numerous concerts and shows.

 Discover Sophie and Sybille, Switch Up ambassadors in Tours. They will be delighted to welcome you in their beautiful city.

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Services and security

For the services, important transport networks facilitate the life of the inhabitants: motorways, numerous trains and well-developed urban networks. Obviously, its location plays a role in this developed rail and road network.
In terms of commercial services, the cities of Tours and Orléans offer a wide range of shopping facilities, but also small local shops such as supermarkets and bakeries.


Characterised by its gentle way of life, newcomers to the Centre Val de Loire will be able to take advantage of numerous properties at attractive prices . The property market in the Centre-Val de Loire region is favourable to people who wish to settle there. There is a wide range of accommodation on offer.

It should be noted, however, that the two capital cities, Tours and Orléans, saw property prices rise by an average of 5% and 3% respectively in 2020. This increase is favoured by the Covid 19. The cities of Châteauroux, Blois, Bourges or Chartres seem more attractive in terms of prices.

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The 5 cities where to settle in Centre Val de Loire

If you've decided to move to the Centre Val de Loire, all that's left to do is take action! To help you, here is a selection of 5 towns where it is good to live in the region, to help you find your ideal place to live!


It is impossible to talk about the Centre Val de Loire region without mentioning the beautiful city of Tours. This city benefits from a strategic position on the French territory, at 1h20 of TGV of Paris and at the doors of the West. Its strong economic dynamism attracts many French people who choose to settle in Tours every year. A town on a human scale, enjoying its proximity to Paris, Tours is attracting more and more families looking for a place to settle. However, the demand is still high and properties are going quickly. The property market in Tours remains accessible.

It is an ideal place to live with your family, with a pleasant environment and a dynamic lifestyle. In Tours, life is gentler and Tourangeaux take the time to have lunch in the city centre brasseries. In terms of urban planning, the city is distinguished first and foremost by the old buildings in the old part of Tours, including several half-timbered houses, and by its large green spaces.

Only an hour and a half from Paris on average, Orléans is above all a city with a green environment. It is the perfect balance between town and country.

From the centre of Orleans, walk or cycle along the Loire and you will be in the heart of true nature in less than 15 minutes. The city offers a privileged gateway to the Loire and more generally to the cultural and tourist assets of the wider region.

One immediately thinks of the chateaux of the Loire Valley (Chambord, Cheverny, Chenonceau...) which can be visited by car, by bike or on foot...


Moving to Blois means taking advantage of all the benefits of a big city, without the drawbacks: culture, sports, leisure, nature, shops... all within walking distance, without traffic or parking problems.

You will appreciateits remarkable living environment, its natural landscapes, its banks of the Loire, its architectural and natural heritage, its parks... Between Tours and Orléans, it benefits from an ideal position: between Paris and the Pays de la Loire.

Reassuring in terms of tranquillity and living environment, cities of this size attract a good number of families. Prices are of course very affordable.

 Bourges attracts newcomers for its authenticity and calm. Many French families move here every year. Often described as an extremely charming and engaging town, it has an exceptional heritage, notably with its pretty historic centre, lined with timber-framed houses that are still visible. Bourges Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its parks and gardens allow you to live in the city, but with greenery and fresh air, ideal for families for example.

The city hosts a beautiful music festival: the Printemps de Bourges. The inhabitants are particularly welcoming andthe town has a feeling of security. The advantages of a medium-sized town are also numerous: comprehensive sports facilities but also a strong community life. Rents are also very affordable.


In the heart of the Berry province, Châteauroux is rich inhistorical heritage. The city is a real treasure of the region. Its pleasant living environment is oriented towards nature.

Living in Châteauroux means above all taking advantage of the dynamism of a town on a human scale. Festivals, open-air walks, gourmet markets in the Berry region... The living environment is really pleasant.

Located in the Centre-Val de Loire region and the Indre department, Châteauroux is a crossroads between Tours, Bourges, Poitiers, Limoges and Orléans: these cities are all between 1 and 2 hours away by car. This is an important criterion that confirms the agglomeration's openness on a national scale.

Special mention for the Indre et Loire department, with its Switch Up by Tours Loire Valley platform . Tours Loire Valley relies on networked hospitality thanks to its many hosts. They make it easier for newcomers to settle in and integrate in Touraine.

So, have you decided? The Centre Val de Loire region is for you?

Switch Upwill support you in your installation through our local network of Ambassadors. Our ambassadors will be happy to help you with administrative procedures, finding accommodation, schools, discovering the area or integrating. Our ambassadors from Tours will be able to share with you all the information you need to settle in the Centre Val de Loire!