Switch Up launches a new offer to accompany social plans.

According to a report published by the DARES, the number of social plans is alarming. No less than 530 social plans were initiated between 1 March and 11 October 2020. The health crisis, which affects everyone, is pushing companies to rethink their strategies to avoid closing their doors. Behind this figure, more than 72,500 employees are concerned by redundancy plans (more than three times the number of last year). 

"The figures are at their highest" according to the Ministry of Labour, a cause for alarm but also for finding new concrete solutions. While a job protection plan is compulsory for more than 10 redundancies envisaged in a company with more than 50 employees, collective redundancies are also very present in SMEs. In companies with less than 10 employees, more than 3,000 people have been or are about to be made redundant.

Making geographical mobility a solution for employment.

In order to support companies in difficulty, Switch up has decided to offer a new service: support for departure by facilitating the mobility of employees. According to the study on "Geographical mobility of workers by the General Inspectorate of Finance" , this kind of action would allow a significant reduction in the unemployment rate.(1)

(1) "Calculating mismatch indicators in a world of high unemployment", Etienne Wasmer, November 2015.
♦ How does it work?
In short, Switch Up offers its mobility assistance platform and its network of Ambassadors to firms specialising in professional transitions and to companies. The objective is to improve the handling of their change of workplace. The employee and his or her family can then benefit from departure assistance in conjunction with the firm in charge of the professional transition but also from existing mobility assistance at local, national or European level.
Through the platform, the employee and his family can exchange with local Ambassadors trained and approved by Switch Up to discuss their future living environment and thus remove the obstacles, difficulties or anxieties that mobility can generate. When the job or training is found, he/she can benefit from personalised help for each person in the family on the subjects of housing, schooling, integration, administrative procedures and the employment of the accompanying spouse.

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