7 tips for promoting employee well-being

Here's a fact that should make you decide to implement initiatives for the well-being of your employees at the office: 57% of French employees believe that the actions implemented to promote well-being at work are insufficient.

Between you and me, table football is fun, but a company can promote the well-being of its employees in other ways... Switch Up gives you 7 ideas and tips to implement in your workplace, for an even more fulfilled team!

Switch Up's 7 tips

1. Organise your workplace

The first important point is that you and your employees must be able to work in a welcoming environment that is adapted to your needs. The office is your main place of work, so design it so that you feel comfortable: layout of desks, green plants, open curtains for more light, etc.

A quiet place to take a "real" break is also an idea to keep in mind. Finally, a room dedicated to coffee breaks is ideal for encouraging exchanges, and therefore well-being. It is a place for exchange that can unite teams in a process of sharing and collaboration. 

2. Dialogue, communicate.

Secondly, we advise you to dialogue and communicate with your employees: feedback, desires, needs, this encourages transparency and the transmission of information. This also allows the employee to feel listened to. Why not set up a system of small regular meetings with each employee, in order to discuss both professional and personal matters, if the employee so wishes. Getting to know each other in a different way, listening to each other and taking an interest...this may be the key to a happy employee who is at ease with his or her manager.

7 out of 10 employees do not feel that they have been recognised at their fair value, according to a study by Deloitte and Cadremploi. Yet recognition is considered an important lever for influencing the quality of life at work.

3. Organise activities and events

Participating in an escape game together, a seminar, or training sessions led by experienced HR advisors... Why not set up these activities within your company? This can also be done through sport or through moments of relaxation. All means are good to relax, but also to promote team cohesion!

Goodbye daily stress, hello well-being in the office!

SOLEAD HR offers, for example, skills assessments, training in support functions (communication, HR, sales, etc.) and also in well-being at work. By emphasising values such as responsiveness, exchange and proximity, your employees will be aware of their importance within the company. They also They also set up self-defence, yoga, or various sports activities within their training courses so that employees can better control their emotions and to help companies achieve their objectives or projects.

Do you want to put the well-being of your employees at the heart of your business strategy?

Let's get it out there together!

4. Create moments of sharing

We advise you to set up convivial spaces, for example a place to have lunch together. You can also think of afterworks or events to bring employees together for an evening in a restaurant, for example. 

These moments encourage employees to get to know each other. Some of them get along very well and even develop friendships.

These are beneficial because they promote motivation at work and productivity. 57% of employees who have made friends at work report that their work is more enjoyable, more productive and that their creativity has increased! 11% also say they have not befriended a colleague, but would like to.

5. Work only on working time

Another indication of happiness at work is to work only in the dedicated time slots. Knowing how to disconnect is necessary for personal and professional balance. 

6. Implement telework and flex office

Flexible working hours, teleworking, coworking, mobility in the workplace... These are all ways to promote well-being at work.If we focus on teleworking, it allows us to have more control over our own life balance. 73% of teleworkers believe that this new way of working has a positive impact on their own health. It is also a more pleasant daily life. 47% of respondents believe that their level of productivity is higher when working from home.

7. Promote mobility!

According to a 2018 Ifop study, 43% of working people have experienced professional mobility in the last five years: a change of position, sector or location. 62% of them found the experience positive. Take care of the onboarding of your new talents, i.e. their integration process. This promotes employee loyalty and commitment: in the long term, this creates many benefits!

If your employee is moving to another location to join your company, ask Switch Up! We offer your new employee the support of a local ambassador: finding accommodation, administrative formalities, registering children at school, etc. Your employee will be able to relax completely on his or her first day at your company!

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