Bien Vivre: territorial attractiveness at the service of recruitment.

When a candidate decides whether or not to apply for a job offer, he or she thinks about it. They weigh the pros and cons, list the benefits and assess the risks. These can be personal, family or professional. For 78% of candidates, location is essential in this reflection! Find out more about our Bien Vivre tool, which uses territorial attractiveness to help with recruitment.

Territorial attractiveness is a key criterion for candidates.

In a job advertisement, the location of the position is the second most important element that a candidate pays attention to.

Today, companies do not capitalise on this element. However, the living environment offered by a territory is a determining factor. Therefore, quality of life at work rhymes with territorial quality of life. The location of the workplace, if it is enhanced to increase mobility, would allow the unemployment rate to be reduced by 2 points. Why should this be the case? Because workers are sensitive to the advantages of territories.

In fact, 7 out of 10 Parisians would be interested in a job outside the Ile de France. The search for a better living environment (89%) is the main reason for their mobility. Many cities make it possible to reconcile this criterion with good professional opportunities. Whether it is the metropolises, medium-sized towns or the small towns of tomorrow... Each of us can find our ideal city according to the criteria that we consider important.

Bien Vivre presents the catchment areas using 11 criteria

Our new solution allows you to highlight your location directly in job advertisements. This allows to highlight the attractiveness of the territories via 11 criteria. They are based on public data on regional well-being. Our solution makes it easier for candidates to make a decision thanks to a better valuation of the territories. Bien Vivre is based on public data from the OECD and is completed by feedback from newcomers. Our tool offers numerical data on 11 predefined criteria.

The interest of the position and the company's mission are essential, but factors related to future personal life are also important. Bien Vivre measures the attractiveness of the territories thanks to these different criteria, and allows people on the move to choose their new home:

♦ The dynamism of employment

Indeed, employment is one of the main criteria triggering a move. Settling in a dynamic employment area will facilitate your spouse's professional integration. This will increase his or her chances of finding work there. The dynamism of your future place of residence in terms of employment allows you to plan for the long term in this new place of residence...

♦ Environmental quality

 The living environment is important when choosing a place to live, especially since the confinements in France. Having a pleasant environment is an essential criterion. Some people prefer to live in the mountains for fresh air, and others near the sea. Even in the city, the living environment can be pleasant, with a garden or parks nearby for example. The quality of the air, the number of parks, the proximity of the countryside... are all elements that are increasingly important in daily life.

♦ Housing

Perhaps you are looking for a house with a garden, or a bright flat. Have you thought about several bedrooms, an office or a particular location? This is an essential criterion for choosing your new home. Study the ads in your criteria, the availability and define your essential search criteria.

♦ Income

You will probably not earn the same salary in Paris as in Brest... But the cost of living is also lower! It will be easier for you to invest in a house. Beyond your income, what is important is the income in relation to the local cost of living. It is important to study this topic to decide whether or not to accept a job.

♦ Security

 Safety plays an important role. Indeed, not being afraid to go out alone, to feel serene for oneself or for one's loved ones is a major lever for decision making.

♦ Health

Access to health care can be a key factor in the choice of where to live. Having access to a GP is crucial when you have health problems or children, for example. In some areas, access to health care can be a real problem. 

♦ Accessibility of services

Do you do your shopping at the organic shop? Do you usually have a coffee at the local bar, or buy your bread every evening before going home? Services are crucial when you are looking for your new home, as is access to the Internet. They build up your daily life and allow you to get your bearings and habits.

♦ Education

The quality of education is particularly sought after by parents or students. This criterion is defined by the number of schools in the vicinity of one's home, the universities and their programmes, the grandes écoles, etc.

♦ Civic engagement

Knowing that the local population is involved in the quality of life in the community is important. Settling in a place where the elected representatives defend projects in line with its values is essential. Indeed, this in turn allows for civic involvement to improve the lives of citizens.

♦ The community

It plays a role in the integration into the new place of life. Integrating into a group that shares your lifestyle and interests is important for settling into your new life. Creating a social circle, sharing and feeling welcomed helps to develop a sense of belonging to the community.

♦ Quality of life

This criterion synthesises all the previous ones together. In fact, it is the overall satisfaction with daily life. From the environment to services and safety, the quality of life is specific to each person. It must bring together the criteria that are important to us, in order to be happy in our city for a long time and to enjoy an ideal quality of life at a given time.

Each person has his or her own ranking in terms of the above criteria, which, moreover, evolve as life experience changes. What seems essential at 25 may be less so 10 years later! However, when we ask candidates who are ready to move, the dynamism of the job is the main factor mentioned. This is followed by the quality of the environment and financial considerations, such as the cost of housing and the cost of living. These criteria are now paramount to fulfilment as proven in the latest study provided by Hello Work. By highlighting territorial attractiveness, our Living Well tool will help you in your choice of a new place to live!

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Living well: territorial attractiveness on your job offers

Here is an example of the Bien Vivre Plug-In. It allows you to enhance the territorial attractiveness, directly on job ads. Intended for job boards, it highlights the location of the position offered. The decision to move to the region is imminent!

At a time when the inhabitants of the Ile-de-France region are increasingly keen to leave Paris and when there is still a high level of tension in jobs in sectors such as IT and industry, the development of territories within employer branding strategies must be implemented rapidly. Rhyming Employer Brand and Territorial Marketing is obvious because the objective is the same: attractiveness! The territory then becomes an added value for employers in terms of recruitment, but also in terms of territorial anchoring and CSR.